Nursing Services

Nursing services

Legacy’s nursing services offer continuity of care around the clock for senior living residents. With 24-hour remote nursing services and RN case management, senior living community staff can have peace of mind that nurse oversight is just a phone call away whenever additional support may be needed.

Remote nursing services

Our team of registered nurses is available for remote support at all hours of the day, including nights and weekends. Whether we’re assisting your staff with questions or offering remote clinical guidance, our nurses are dedicated to delivering high-quality care whenever needed.

Remote nursing ensures seamless support for senior living communities, enabling prompt evaluations and assistance during low or variable staffing periods. With on-call nurses available 24/7, we guarantee that urgent healthcare needs are addressed promptly and effectively, even when community nurses are off-site or in short supply.

Case management

Our nurse case management goes above and beyond the typical scope of nursing services. Through the careful analysis of on-call notes, historical resident health information and documentation, and biometric monitoring, our registered nurses identify trends and significant changes in individual resident health.

The additional oversight allows at-risk residents to be quickly referred for primary care visits or medical interventions when necessary. Our case management services can also help communities ensure timely and complete documentation to meet resident needs and state documentation requirements.

When nursing services are used in conjunction with Legacy’s medical directorship services, your community will receive expedited medical interventions to integrate on-site care seamlessly. This will improve treatment times and overall well-being for residents and reduce the workload of full-time senior living nurses. Additionally, it can help improve the census of your facility by reducing hospitalizations.

When you choose Legacy Nursing, your patient’s well-being is our top priority, and you can trust us to provide the nursing services that will support the residents in your senior living facility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your senior living facility’s health and wellness outcomes.

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