Medical Directorship

What Are Medical Directorship Services?

We offer medical director services to skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities under the leadership of our president, a certified medical director leading a team of highly trained geriatric clinicians. A medical director is an important healthcare team member, serving as the clinician who oversees and guides the medical care provided. Additionally, this position is important in helping facility administration define a vision of quality assurance and provide care consistent with current standards.

What is a Certified Medical Director?

A certified medical director (CMD) has undergone specific training and a credentialing program focusing on the importance of clinical and management knowledge specific to long-term care, including infection control, residents’ rights, working with families, and more. They are certified by the American Board of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine (ABPLM) and are dedicated to providing quality care to long-term care patients and overseeing the whole team.

Why do you need a Certified Medical Director?

Studies have shown that the quality of care delivered to patients in facilities with a CMD increases by 15%.

Legacy Medical Directorship Services
Physician Leadership

Serving as a role model, medical directors are responsible for the overall clinical care of the residents in the facility, guiding appropriate physician credentialing, coverage, and performance expectations.

Education, Information, and Communication

We help improve residents’ care by educating staff and practitioners, acting as a liaison with the community, and assisting in establishing appropriate relationships with other healthcare organizations.

Clinical Leadership

Our team applies clinical and administrative knowledge to guide your facility in providing high-quality care. With a panel of residents under their supervision, our medical directors set an example in seeing new admissions and follow-up visits in a timely manner, are available to administration and other providers to answer any clinical questions about a resident, and assist in the development of specific clinical practices to ensure that they are resident-centered standards.

Quality of Care

We help facilities develop quality improvement projects and provide a safe and caring environment.

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