Blazing Trails for a Better Tomorrow

It’s Women’s History Month! Let’s say cheers to the hard-working women who are making the world better by helping others to feel their best!

We’re highlighting one of our remarkable leaders, Jill Wilson. Jill Wilson, MBA, OTR/L, is an innovative healthcare leader with over 25 years of operational experience in the healthcare industry. She is the chief operating officer for Legacy Medical, which was established in 2020.  

About Jill:

Since earning a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of North Dakota and a master’s in business administration from Ohio University, Jill has been motivated to offer the highest-quality healthcare services. She explained, “I have always been passionate about helping others, so I went into healthcare. At the beginning of my career, I was an occupational therapist. As my career evolved and I was given the opportunity to lead others, I realized this is where my true passion lies. By leading teams of talented people, I am blessed to have not only a positive impact on each team member, but I can continue to influence care for those we serve.”

Jill has led numerous healthcare teams throughout her career, including therapy, home health, hospice, lab, radiology, and physician practices. For ten years, she was the administrative director for clinic operations, overseeing primary care, orthopedics, neurosciences, and oncology services for a 250-bed hospital system. In this role, she was responsible for physician practices, operational oversight, and developing programs, products, and services that enhanced patient care.

Like many in healthcare, her favorite part about work is the people. “I love the people and working collaboratively with patients, their families, my team, and my co-workers.” She also enjoys teaming with others in her local community. Over the years, Jill has served on several community boards, including the Chamber of Commerce, YCMA, DakMinn Blood Bank, and YorHom Medical Essentials.

Jill is originally from Lander, Wyoming, but now lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with her two daughters, Jordyn and Taylor, and her fiancé, Jeremy. Jordyn attends the University of Minnesota Duluth, and Taylor is a senior in high school. When she’s free, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to the lake, and helping on her fiancé’s farm. 

Hard Work & Family:

Growing up, Jill’s parents were robust role models for her. She explained, “My parents, Ed and Brenda, taught me the value of hard work, persistence, and perseverance.  From a young age, I was told to believe in myself.  I could do anything I put my mind to as long as I worked hard, was kind and honest, stayed humble, and kept moving forward every day.”

Jill’s advice for newbies starting their careers is similar to what her parents taught her; “Find your passion and pursue it. Set goals for yourself, surround yourself with positive people, make smart choices, and don’t be afraid to seize opportunities!”

Work-life balance is a hot topic, especially for leaders with hectic schedules where lines can get blurry. Jill said her days are similar to most of us; she does her best to find balance, but some days are more challenging than others. She added, “I approach each and every day with a positive attitude and an intent to do better. I have learned there are some non-negotiables for me: sitting down for dinner with my family, taking my dog for a walk every day, and not missing family functions.”

About Legacy Medical:

As an independent healthcare company, Legacy Medical has cared for seniors for over four years in more than 30 senior living communities across four states. They meet seniors right where they call home in independent, assisted living, and memory care communities. They also serve patients of all ages in their neighborhood walk-in clinic in Grand Forks, ND.

Legacy Medical is proud to offer its patients individualized healthcare with convenience and choice. The providers at Legacy take a proactive approach to preventative care and chronic disease management. If you’re interested in finding primary care services in senior living or want to know more about their walk-in clinic in Grand Forks, message them at

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