A Better Way 

to coordinate care for your loved ones.

Let our geriatric primary care clinicians come to you.

We make it easier for you to connect with your loved one’s provider, access the comprehensive care you need when and where you need it, and most importantly, help your loved one stay healthy and out of the hospital.

No waiting rooms.
No travel issues.
No stress.

Better care. Better outcomes.

If you are a family member coordinating and managing care for a loved one who lives in a senior residential facility, we have solutions. By having our providers come to you, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your loved one and make a care intervention easier on everyone, including yourself.

A BETTER WAY starts here.

  • Proactive, preventive care from geriatric specialists to keep your loved one healthy and at home

  • On-Site Primary Care Services

  • On-Site Express Care Clinic

Why Legacy Medical?

  • No-limits appointment allow you to spend as much time as needed with your provider

  • Same-day or next-day appointments are available

  • All major insurance plans accepted and filed, including Medicare

  • Avoid expensive visits to the ER and unnecessary hospitalizations

  • Limit exposure to sick patients in a conventional waiting room

  • Reduce the stress, risk, and scheduling challenges of having to travel to an appointment

  • Enjoy greater privacy and comfort

You can reserve for yourself and your team working space by taking a subscription for any period and getting a discount for an additional week of coworking.

It took only 5 minutes of watching Nurse Practitioner Gretchen Gerovac with my Mom – in the Memory Care Unit – and I knew this was the right option…the only choice for my Mom’s on-going care…and for me and my peace of mind!

Legacy Patient Family Member

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